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Joshua TreeWe had only packed away the Christmas decorations and the Nativity figures when we saw the date of Ash Wednesday for this year.  It seemed that suddenly Lent was already upon us and we had to shift our thinking to a new way of celebrating the Lord Jesus. Instead of traveling to Bethlehem under the guidance of a star, we now consider another journey with Jesus, one that will take us to the desert wilderness for retreat, to the mountaintop of the Transfiguration, and to the Garden of Gethsemani.

Jesus entered the desert retreat already filled with the Holy Spirit from his baptism and he will leave the desert in the same manner – with the power of the Spirit. However, he does not remain immune from the everyday burdens of life. Jesus’ time in the desert clarifies who he is and who he is not. He steadfastly refuses to submit to fame and control to make his life easier or his ministry popular.

Today we ask:

What does “going into the desert” mean for me?

Within my desert time of retreat, do I include an examination of how I am called to be on mission with Jesus?

Sr. Mary Rebekah Kennedy, SND

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