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This post is part of our Advent Reflection Series – a collection of original blog posts written by the Sisters of Notre Dame.

The tradition of gift-giving at Christmas stems from the reality of God’s gift to us in the person of Jesus.  Although we tire of black Friday, pre-Christmas/post-Christmas advertising and all the commercialism that surrounds gift-giving, abundant reflection awaits us.


With gift-giving comes the ever essential wish list. As children, after we sat on Santa’s lap, whoever accompanied us to see Santa would carefully ask us what we had requested of him. Now families who are adopted by various charities provide wish lists of their needs and desires. And anyone can create a wish list on Amazon.com.

In John 4:10 Jesus said to the Samaritan woman, “If only you knew the gifts God wants to give you.” We might flip this idea of a wish list. As the calendar year comes to a close, we might take stock of our recent spiritual and relational life. Then ask the Spirit, “What are the gifts you want to give me?” or “What is on your wish list for me?”

In Mary we find a model of great receptivity. Humbly I might ask her for the grace to be receptive to the gifts God wants to give me—this Advent, this Christmas and in the New Year. And a fitting New Year’s resolution might be the commitment and courage to ask this question in our daily examination of conscience: “O God, what are the gifts you want to give me?”


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Written by Sr. Louise Marie Hlavac, SND

Tulip in the garden of the Sisters of Notre Dame

Can you look past your own tears and imperfections to soak up the Living Water?

Inspired by John 4:4-42

The woman was a Samaritan – who would associate with her? Prejudice runs deep. Can she get past it?
Whom do I not want to associate with? Can I get past it?

Jesus was tired and thirsty. He experienced our humanity.“Give me a drink” seems so normal a request, yet it would render Jesus “unclean.”
How many times do I seek what I know is wrong because of my physical wants? How do I open myself to experience Jesus on a deeper level?

“Go and get your husband.” Jesus invites her to be honest. yet she is unable. Hence he reveals her truth, which opens her eyes to who he really might be.
I am so afraid to let others know who I really am, because of embarrassment, fear of rejection or shame. Jesus sees my heart, the “real” me and loves me because of that.

“Living water” seems to be a total impossibility yet that is when God makes his presence known.
How many times in my life God has revealed himself in unexplainable ways?

She desires this “living water” so that she won’t have to go to the well – a chore burdened with humiliation.
Sometimes I worry what others will think of me instead of operating from my heart. Who do I judge without looking at their heart?

She asks the deeper question. “Could you be the Messiah?”
Will I allow Jesus to share deeply in my life instead of adhering to the superficial culture that I live in?

The nameless woman sets off to proclaim whom she has encountered. Others are curious. Her witness drives them to investigate and come to experience and believe in Jesus from their own encounter.
How do I proclaim the love of Jesus? How do I invite others to encounter Christ?

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