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Second Sunday of Advent: Saint Joseph

By Sister Mary Grace Leung

When I was in the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) program some years ago, I was intrigued with Saint Joseph. The Gospels of Matthew and Luke present Joseph as a man of great faith; a man who was called to be the foster father of Jesus; a man who personified quiet strength and who had the utmost trust in God. Joseph’s tremendous faith stands out especially in Matthew’s infancy narrative. This faith makes Joseph open to receiving and recognizing divine communications through his dreams. Joseph is a model of faith, always listening and doing what God asks him to do without hesitation. His life was totally devoted to God’s plan of salvation by helping to raise the Child conceived in Mary’s womb, no matter what challenges life brought him.

As I learned more about my new-found faith through RCIA, I asked myself, “Can I also be as faith-filled and trusting in God as Joseph was?”

Advent is a season of patient waiting and joyful anticipation of the coming of the Lord. I find that these days of anticipation bring welcome moments of contemplation of the great mystery of the incarnation. Let us take a few moments each day during this busy season to appreciate the graces of our eager longing for Jesus, our Savior!


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