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Sister Mary Bernadette Pendola entered the convent when she was just 18 years old. On July 11 she will celebrate her 50th year as a Sister of Notre Dame. Listen below as Sister talks about her joyful first years in the convent, her travels abroad and the lessons she’s learned from life.

On her kindergarten teacher, who inspired her to consider becoming a sister:

On her family’s reaction to her vocation:

On choosing her name:

On feeling excited to be a sister:

On her call to be a missionary nurse in Uganda, Africa:

On her pilgrimage to Lourdes, France and her struggle to accept her Parkinson’s diagnosis:

On the meaning of Jubilee:

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nun2[1]Last month two vibrant, intelligent and successful women crossed the threshold of our formation house, asking to be formed as Sisters of Notre Dame.  For us, it is a reminder that God still calls and  generous, faith-filled women still respond, eager to devote their lives to Jesus Christ.  So, what does make a women choose such a life?

Here’s a “Vocation Story” from one of our new candidates. Let me introduce you to Jane:

“I first felt the calling to religious life while I was taking RCIA classes four years ago. This calling was really a grace given to me by God because I did not know anything about what women religious did other than pray and teach. I became active in my parish and volunteered my time for many activities. However, I needed to further discern my vocational calling – even though I can serve the Church in many ways as a layperson, the calling to be a woman religious is a sacred calling. Jesus said that he came into the world to put it on fire, and I want to learn how the interior fire in my heart can be lived out in ministry as well as in prayer. I decided to enter the Sisters of Notre Dame because I was inspired by them and, through my live-in experiences, observed how the sisters bring Christ to all whom they minister to in their everyday lives.”

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