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For more World Day of the Sick resources and a link to the prayer below, click here.

O God, Everlasting Love, enfleshed in Christ Jesus, poured upon us through the Holy Spirit, we come to You (today, this evening, this morning . . .) to receive our prayer for those among us who are ill.

Tender, compassionate God, fill us that we may receive all who are ill with your love, we pray . . .
Life-giving God, fill us, that our faith will assure those who are suffering, that their pain will blossom into life, we pray . . .
Strength-giving God, pour into all who care for the sick, the embracing, enduring love of Jesus, we pray . . .
Source of Love, fill us with vision and courage to pursue research that will bear fruit in healing, we pray . . .
Welcoming God, receive from our hands the loved ones we return to you, we pray . . .
Righteous God, empower us to struggle against the injustices of the present health care systems, we pray . . .

O God, hear our prayer—these we have spoken and those yet in our hearts. We trust in your loving response, through Christ the Risen One. Amen.


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The Apostleship of Prayer ‘receives monthly prayer intentions from the pope and urges Christians throughout the world to unite in prayer for those intentions.’ Check back to our Facebook page each month for a reminder of Pope Francis’ universal prayer intentions. This month’s universal prayer intention is for hope for humanity. Read below for full post from The Apostleship of Prayer. 


One night a long time ago an angel appeared to some shepherds and told them a savior had been born nearby who would save people from their sins and ultimately from death. Then many angels appeared proclaiming “peace on earth, good will to all.” What an amazing scene in the hills outside Bethlehem!

Jesus was born to reconcile humanity with God and with one another. He came to establish the just order based on loving God above all else and on loving others as children of God. Sharing human life to the point of suffering and dying, Jesus brought hope. He rose from the dead never to die again, and he offers eternal life to all who come to him.

Pope Francis has called Christmas “the feast of trust and of hope which overcomes uncertainty and pessimism.” He said: “And the reason for our hope is this: God is with us… he comes to abide with mankind, he chooses earth as his dwelling place to remain with people…in joy or in sorrow. Therefore, earth is no longer only ‘a valley of tears’; rather, it is the place where God himself has pitched his tent, it is the meeting place of God with humanity, of God’s solidarity with people.”

The Son of God took flesh so he could be with us. He offered his flesh on the cross for the life of the world. He continues to offer his flesh, his Body and Blood, in the Eucharist. As Pope Francis said, “This closeness of God to every man and woman, to each of us, is a gift that never fades.”

May this Christmas bring peace and hope to all!


How do I find peace and hope in the celebration of Christmas?


Colossians 1: 15-23 Christ is our peace and reconciliation.

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Mary, on this day when we honor all mothers, we turn to you. We thank the Lord whom you serve for the great gift of motherhood. Never has it been known that anyone who sought your intercession was left unaided by grace. Dear Mother, thank you for your “Yes” to the invitation of the angel which brought heaven to earth and changed human history. You opened yourself to God’s word and the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.

Dear mother, intercede for all of our mothers. Ask your Divine Son to give them the grace of surrendered love so that they could join with you in giving their own “Fiat.” May they find daily strength to say yes to the call to the sacrificial love- the very heart of the vocation of motherhood. May their love and witness be a source of great inspiration for all of us called to follow your Son.

On this Mothers day, Mother of the Word Incarnate, pray for us who have recourse to you…

In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

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untitledI love to cook!  For me, cooking is a form of relaxation…and it doesn’t matter if I am doing it alone or with company, for a special occasion, or just spur of the moment.  I really like playing with the ingredients, adding something new to a traditional recipe, or experimenting with whatever is in the refrigerator.  Unlike most people, I love to have leftovers, and I consider it a challenge to create something different and surprising.  I attribute my love for cooking to my mom, and it is still a link between us even though she suffers from memory issues.  Watching the cooking channel together is always a positive experience!  So what does all this have to do with anything?  You might ask if there is a spiritual twist to this…yes, there is!

The following excerpt from Praying in the Messiness of Life, by Linda Douty, echoes my thoughts, and so I share it with you, whether you are a cook or a fast food aficionado!

Since I was already in a stew, I decided to literally make a stew. Upset by some sort of squabble, I was soon chopping, dicing, sniffing, mixing, simmering, stirring my way back to sanity. Losing myself in the colors, aromas, taste, feel, and the chop-chop of the knife became a kind of sensate prayer that brought me to my senses.

Cooking is often a vehicle of prayer for me. As I sort out flavors, adding leftover vegetables from the refrigerator, I try to blend them into some sort of tasty combination, using what I already have. In a surprising alchemy of attention, my thoughts are led to explore how my life can be better blended into balance and harmony, what belongs and what doesn’t belong, what adds spice, what ingredients bring a balance of flavors. The kitchen becomes my place of creative personal prayer.”

-Sr. Marie Paul Grech, SND

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Half empty? Half full? What do you see when you look at the sky…? At a stranger on the street?  At your children? At your elderly parent? At your backyard? What do you see?  Do you see what is wrong or what is right? Do you see what needs “fixin’”? or what has potential…?

A friend of mine shared a picture taken by her granddaughter….a picture of wispy clouds…where some of us may see only clouds….she saw angels…and so did I!  Did her vision plant the idea in my head?  I really don’t know, and it doesn’t matter because I did see the angels! It is much like other things in life.  If we have the Spirit’s guidance planting ideas in our heads, we do see things differently. Are we able somehow to look at a friend and not be conscious of his/her faults but to see through them to the innermost heart? Will we be able to look at our child (even if he/she is in a naughty mood) and see the beautiful gift from God who lightens our life? Will we look at a weed-laden yard and see the possibilities? Can we walk with an elderly friend and experience the wisdom — and forget the slow steps?

So many things make a lasting impression on us….what we see, what we hear, what we hear about…opinions shape our thinking, our prejudices (yes, we all have them!), our ways of responding to people, situations, uncertainties. We are bombarded from all sides….and we seem to never be able to “get away.” We get emails, phone calls, text messages, snail mail. To whom are we most open? Who influences us most? Are we guided by the bold headlines in the newspaper, the news flashes we receive as text messages, the consumerism of advertising? Sometimes we are just not sure where we are going, in which direction we find our real peace. What role does our God play in our personal and family decision-making? Do I pray in a spirit of openness to whatever God’s answer may be? Do I believe that God always answers prayer…even when the answer is NO or NOT YET? Who is my compass….?  Where is my true north?

During these “lazy,  hazy days” of summer, may I be open to the Spirit so that I may be open to the good things God has in store for me!

– Sr. Marie Paul Grech

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“There are three types of people in this world:  those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened.  We all have a choice.  You can decide which type of person you want to be.” (Mary Kay Ash)

Pope Benedict has put out a call for us to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN in our life of faith!  Our Year of Faith is here and it is time for us to re-energize your faith!  Show that you are one in solidarity within our universal Church!  Celebrate the Year of Faith with Catholics around the world!

How can you do this?

First, enrich your spiritual life by accessing the many resources online.  You may want to start with the USCCB (U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops) website….you will find speakers, videos, and many other resources on a variety of topics.

Second, MAKE THINGS HAPPEN by educating yourself, being inspired by the good work being done in our world, and bringing others to share your experience of faith!

In writing about the Year of Faith, Bernadette Snyder writes, “ Most of us have probably shared lots of stories about everyday life, but [what about] sharing stories of faith with and for others—to pass on to children, to possibly inspire others or be inspired by others?  Maybe not, but NOW is the time.”  It would be wonderful if families, couples, faith sharing groups, and so on, would take the time to share stories of faith. Hearing someone else’s story might remind us of our own journey in faith and might help us appreciate the gift of faith that has been given to us!

Some questions to inspire sharing faith stories:

  • How has the way you saw God as a child changed and/or remained the same through the years?
  • Did a particular person in your childhood have any impact on your own faith?
  • How has success, failure, illness or death played a role in your life of faith?
  • When have you felt closest to God in your life?

Prayer:  Dear Lord, something as simple as sharing a faith story with others may not change the world, but help us to know when and where to tell our stories so that others may be encouraged or inspired.

– Sr. Marie Paul Grech

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VATICAN CITY, 1 SEP 2010 (VIS) – Pope Benedict’s general prayer intention for September is: “That in less developed parts of the world the proclamation of the Word of God may renew people’s hearts, encouraging them to work actively toward authentic social progress”.

His mission intention is: “That by opening our hearts to love we may put an end to the numerous wars and conflicts which continue to bloody our world”.

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Respect for Human Life
General: That every national and transnational institution may strive to guarantee respect for human life from conception to natural death.

The Churches in Asia
Missionary: That the Churches in Asia, which constitute a “little flock” among non-Christian populations, may know how to communicate the Gospel and give joyful witness to their adherence to Christ.

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VATICAN CITY, 1 MAR 2010 (VIS) – Pope Benedict’s general prayer intention for March is: “That the world economy may be managed according to the principles of justice and equity, taking account of the real needs of peoples, especially the poorest”.

His mission intention is: “That the Churches in Africa may be signs and instruments of reconciliation and justice in every part of that continent”.

Let us pray together with our Holy Father and the universal church!

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