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nun2[1]Last month two vibrant, intelligent and successful women crossed the threshold of our formation house, asking to be formed as Sisters of Notre Dame.  For us, it is a reminder that God still calls and  generous, faith-filled women still respond, eager to devote their lives to Jesus Christ.  So, what does make a women choose such a life?

Here’s a “Vocation Story” from one of our new candidates. Let me introduce you to Jane:

“I first felt the calling to religious life while I was taking RCIA classes four years ago. This calling was really a grace given to me by God because I did not know anything about what women religious did other than pray and teach. I became active in my parish and volunteered my time for many activities. However, I needed to further discern my vocational calling – even though I can serve the Church in many ways as a layperson, the calling to be a woman religious is a sacred calling. Jesus said that he came into the world to put it on fire, and I want to learn how the interior fire in my heart can be lived out in ministry as well as in prayer. I decided to enter the Sisters of Notre Dame because I was inspired by them and, through my live-in experiences, observed how the sisters bring Christ to all whom they minister to in their everyday lives.”

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