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halloween-253x300We at Providence House love Halloween! The wonderful smell of candles burning in the pumpkins, the crisp, breezy evening spent at a neighbors’ party or passing out candy to all the ghosts, goblins and chili peppers who come calling at our front door. Yes, indeed, Halloween is a cherished holiday at the convent. I remember my first one spent at the “Big House”, our province convent. I was surprised to see all the sisters dressed up in various costumes. I had no idea nuns would get so into the holiday! I remember Sister Mary Immaculette dressed as a hula girl, she even had a flower in her hair! There were games and candy, music and laughter. It was touchingly innocent, full of a sweet, simple joy that was so very much in touch with the child that is in us all.

I found a wonderful post over at the site First Things that speaks about the full holiday of Hallowmas, it’s a wonderful read full of symbolism and insight. Check it out and have a safe, joyful Halloween!

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