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F00030.JPG“The saints know that God is never strange, other. God is, when he calls me, closer to me than I am myself. Spurred on by God’s love, the saints attempt things which which those who remain tied to their own resources could never have dreamed of. The saints are proof that Christians can become holy. The saint burns with an absolute fire; he is selfless and yet is made whole. He does what others plan to or deliberately forget. The saints are true realists; they take seriously the hopelessness of man as it is and do not seek refuge from the present in the future. They are clever but not calculating; they live out of a desire to squander themselves which stems from God’s Eucharistic love.

The saints are humble, that is to say the mediocrity of the Church does not deter them from joining themselves to her once and for all, For they know well enough that without the Church they would not find their way to God. They do not fight mediocrity in a spirit of contestation, but by spurring on those who have quality, by inspiring them, by igniting them… And if they are genuine, they never point to themselves; they themselves are only a reflection; it is the Master of the flame who is all important. ”

Father Hans Urs von Balthasar (+1988)

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