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Written by Sister Mary Francelia Klingshirn, SND

Inspired by Matthew 4:1-11

Are you walking closely with Jesus, or tangled in the branches of temptation?

While He was in the desert for forty days and forty nights Jesus was tempted by Satan three times. Jesus was tired, hungry and lonely. He was offered food, comfort and power.  We too have entered the desert … the desert of Lent. We too will be tempted… tempted to give up, to renege on our good resolutions.

Or are we plagued with pride? Are we overly self-confident…  fearful…  struggling with fatigue… selfishness…  maybe even filled with alarm? But this time in the desert with Jesus can be a purification and a transformation for us. We need to take courage and say with Jesus, “Get behind me, Satan!”

What else did Jesus do?  He called upon His Father for strength and then spoke to Satan:  “You shall not put the Lord, your God, to the test.” (Jn. 4:1-11) We are God’s loved ones! Jesus is with us all the way! We will walk hand in hand with Jesus. The presence of Jesus can be experienced only in prayer and with the awareness it brings to our soul.

…We take the first step and find that we are not alone. Jesus is with us.
…We give ourselves to Jesus and trust Him.
…We ask ourselves:  “Are we willing to go all the way with Him? To love Him totally?”

The question is “are we resolved to give this Lent our very best shot?”  Can each of us live in all honesty and say…

…I am the architect of my life and Jesus is my model and guide.
…The Holy Spirit will sustain me when I am tempted and weary.
…My inner journey during this Lent is what really is important!
…I will spend each day with Jesus in the Desert.  Yes, I am helpless, fragile; but Jesus will sustain me.

Let God recognize in you what God knows and loved in Christ!


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