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At the end of the school year, the Sisters of Notre Dame attended a Many Mansions award ceremony. They watched proudly as 20 students received academic scholarships, four of which were donated by the sisters. Sister Mary Joan Schlotfeldt was moved by ceremony.

“I felt proud to be a Sister of Notre Dame and be able to help those who are pursuing an education,” she said.

Many Mansions is a non-profit that builds and maintains affordable housing complexes for low-income families in Ventura County and the Conejo Valley. According to the Many Mansions website, the organization owns and manages over 500 units, housing about 1,000 adults and 300 children. They also provide on-site services including job training, case management, homework literacy, free summer camp for kids and a scholarship program called Vicky’s Fund.

Sister Mary Lisa Megaffin first became involved with Many Mansions as a board member in 1995. While serving on the board, Sister Mary Lisa met Marty and Eileen Garcia.

“When I first joined the board I had a lot to learn about affordable housing. Whenever we were deliberating a major topic, Marty would always ask ‘How does this relate to our mission?’ Our growing friendship and collaboration gave me opportunities to observe him, his faith and his concern for those in need,” said Sister Mary Lisa.

Sister Mary Lisa Megaffin at Notre Dame Center in May.

Sister Mary Lisa Megaffin at Notre Dame Center in May.

Several years later, the Garcias became Associates with the Sisters of Notre Dame.

“Growing up, my perception of nuns was completely different from the experience I’ve had with the Sisters of Notre Dame,” said Marty. “They’re out in the world, actually living their charism. Sister Lisa has made a huge impact on Many Mansions. She and I go way back, so we’re really able to see the growth that Many Mansions has had.”

The Garcias started Vicky’s Fund three years ago in memory of Marty’s mother, Victoria Garcia. A child of Spanish immigrants to the U.S., Victoria was only able to obtain a 4th grade education before she had to begin working to help her family. As an adult, she volunteered as a bilingual teacher’s aide until she was in her mid-eighties.

“After my mother’s funeral, people came up to me and told me what an impact she had on them. She had an innate ability to recognize that the children in her classes couldn’t focus on their studies because they came from unstable home environments. She set out to make the classroom a safe place and build up their God-given talents and self-esteem. I asked myself what I could do to extend her vision. It dawned on me to start a scholarship within Many Mansions,” said Marty.

In three years, 48 students have received a total of $23,000 in scholarships through Vicky’s Fund and Many Mansions. Scholarship recipients range in age and academic goals. Some are young students preparing for college, and others are adults earning their GED or taking vocational training classes. The main requirement for the scholarship is that the recipient is a resident at a Many Mansions property.

“We want to offer something that will help with their finances and build up their self-esteem,” said Marty. “Seeing their appreciation lets me know I’m doing the right thing. I started the scholarship in honor of my mother, but it’s given me so much more than I could have imagined.”


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Moorpark residents Richard and Anne Interrante decided to embark on their Associate formation journey with the Sisters of Notre Dame together as husband and wife. The process of becoming Associates has brought them closer to God and strengthened their faith, commitment to service and prayer life.



“The Associate program has allowed me to find out about the sisters’ mission on a more personal level,” said Anne, “I witnessed how their compassion for others, dedication to service and openness to God’s call has made a direct impact on many people. Through this process I came to realize that I have a very important role in answering that call myself by using my God-given gifts to strive to create positive changes in the world around me.”

Richard reflected on how the experience has influenced his family life.

“This program inspired a desire in me to become a better spiritual role model for my family, maintain the ideals of my faith in all aspects of my life and find new ways to use my talents to help those in need,” he said. “I value the opportunity I’ve had over these past months to participate in this program with my wife, knowing that we can work together and challenge each other to make what we have learned a more active part of our daily lives.”

Richard, Anne and other Associates candidates will make their covenant during a ceremony on Saturday, June 7th. We congratulate them and welcome them to the Notre Dame family. To learn more about the Associates program and how you can become more involved with the Sisters of Notre Dame, visit our website here.

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In case you missed Sister Lisa Megaffin’s talk (part of The University Series 2014) you can watch it below. To learn more about becoming an Associate with the Sisters of Notre Dame, contact sister Lisa at lmegaffin@lareina.com.


Beyond the Pews – Lay People in Action on Vimeo.

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