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Last week at about midnight I was reading in bed and heard sounds outside the window of my little room. Cognizant that I am the sole inhabitant of the first floor, I was determined not to wake my sleeping Sisters upstairs. My intruder(s) banged against my screen and I could hear sounds coming from the fig tree that leans against my window. Finally, I hurled open the vertical blinds, adrenaline rushing! In the fig tree, about six inches from my face, were two raccoons! They appeared totally unafraid, looking at me, then at each other. The moon was bright and I could see them in great detail. It was kind of a mystical moment to see these beautiful creatures in the middle of LA’s inner city. We stared at each other for 3-4 minutes before I let them have their privacy once more. It was a happy surprise and, coating the fig tree with peanut butter, I’m sure I will see them aagin!

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“When it is dark enough, you can see the stars” ┬áRalph Waldo Emerson

Lord, this Lent, help us to see your glory that shines through the dark places of our lives.

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Fall is upon us!

slide_3148_44533_largeThe nights are cooler, the days crisper. Even the birds sing in muted tones. But through the hush of the changing season the splendor of God bursts forth in glorious color, where we once again are brought to awe in the perfection of His creation. Enjoy the gift of Fall.

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